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Coil trough: Efficient transport miracle – for versatile applications

What is a coil trough?

The coil trough, also known as the coil tray, is a specially designed transport container that aims to make the movement of coils over long distances as efficient as possible. Coils are rolled steel sheets used in various industries such as automobile manufacturing, shipbuilding and construction. The coil trough makes it possible to transport these bulky and heavy steel rolls safely while minimizing the loss of material and time.

The real transport miracle

When it comes to transporting coils, the essential steel products, efficiency comes first. This is where the coil trough comes into play, a true transport miracle that was specially developed for the safe and optimized transport of coils. In this article you will learn all about the advantages and applications of the coil trough, which is helping to revolutionize steel transport.

Advantages at a glance

Optimal security

Coil troughs are designed to provide a stable and safe environment for transporting coils. This significantly reduces the risk of damage to the coils and potential accidents.

Efficient use of space

The tailor-made shape of the coil trough allows coils to be lined up closely together, resulting in optimal use of space. This allows larger numbers of coils to be transported in a single pass, saving costs and time.

Time savings

The coil trough makes it easier to load and unload the coils, which leads to faster loading times. This shortens the overall duration of the transportation process and supports a smooth supply chain.

Versatile application

Coil wells are available to accommodate a variety of coil sizes and weights, making them extremely versatile. From small coils to large steel rolls, coil troughs can meet a wide range of transport requirements.

Economical advantages

The use of coil troughs leads to cost savings by reducing damage during transport, lower freight costs through optimized space utilization and shortened delivery times.

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